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The Top 8 Reasons For Using A Professional Real Estate Agent
Working with a real estate professional can save you time and stress. It is of utmost importance that you feel comfortable with your real estate professional and that you can communicate effectively with them.    More --»

6 Of The Most Popular Mortgage Options
30-year conventional fixed rate loan. Lower monthly payments when amortized over a 30-year payment period (360 payments)    More --»

The 8 Interior Items That Buyers REALLY Notice
Buyers take special notice of light & bright homes. Buy high intensity light bulbs and be sure to clean all light shades and covers.    More --»

The TOP 10 Service Providers You will Want To Consider Using The Next Time You Purchase A Home
Real Estate Agent, Home Inspector, Surveyor, Property Appraiser, Insurance Salesperson, etc.    More --»

14 Steps To Getting Yourself "In Shape" To Be A First Time Homebuyer
The following items are the keys to being ready, willing and able to purchase when you find the right home. Doing the homework and getting your papers in order will make the home buying process much easier.    More --»

21 Common Closing Costs For Buyers
Down Payment, Loan Origination Fee and Points, Appraisal Fee, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Premium, Property Taxes Escrow, Mortgage Title Policy, Survey, Termite Inspection and Building Inspection Fee...    More --»

18 Steps Most Buyers Take To Buy Their Home
Look for an agent to help you through the maze. Clarify your wants and needs to your agent...let them know your objectives and timetable.    More --»

6 Truths About Todays Marketplace That Will Help Any Buyer Be More Realistic
There is no perfect house...
...when you find a house or property that is consistent with your top few priorities -consider writing an offer. Seldom does a buyer find a property that has more than 85% of what they want or need.    More --»

13 "Don'ts" Every Home Buyer Should Know
Don't wait for the perfect house ... there isn't one. Compromise & prioritizing are necessary elements in home purchasing. Don't buy before you do some comparison shopping...especially if you're new to the area.    More --»


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